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Against Nature

Country of origin:
United States
Baltimore, Maryland
Formed in:
Doom Metal, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock
Lyrical themes:
Philosophy, History, Introspection
Last label:
Bland Hand Records
Years active:
From left to right: Hall, Branagan and Brenner.

Side-project, featuring members of Revelation.

Named after the Revelation song on the album Never Comes Silence.

The band's genre often differs from album to album, ranging from doom metal to hard-, blues- and progressive rock.

Not to be confused with the Against Nature from Eugene, Oregon.
Bert Hall, Jr. Bass (2004-2013)
See also: Mangog, ex-Beelzefuzz, ex-Revelation, Negro Childe, ex-Final Answer, ex-Legion Lost, ex-Righteous Bloom
Steve Branagan Drums (2004-2013)
See also: ex-Revelation, Holabird, ex-Mangog
John Brenner Guitars, Vocals (2004-2013)
See also: ex-Chowder, ex-Revelation, Holabird, Mole Hill, Whetstone, ex-Have Mercy
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