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Xibalba Itzaes

Country of origin:
Mexico City
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Ancient Mexican culture, Darkness, Mayan cosmology, Spirituality
Current label:
Nuclear War Now! Productions
Years active:
?-1992 (as Dread), 1992-1996 (as Xibalba), 2007-2010 (as Xibalba), 2010-present
Jorge Ah Ektenel and Marco Ek Balam played in a band called Dread before forming Xibalba. They released two demo tapes:
- Demo 1 1992 (recorded in January/March 1992) (cover)
- Demo 2 1992 (4 songs: "Concealed Genocide", "Suffering to Scientsts", "Exuberant Fallacys", "Putrefaction Remains") (cover)

Contact: [email protected]

In Mayan mythology, Xibalba, roughly translated as ...
Victor Ehxibchac Bass (1992-present)
See also: ex-Reckoning
Jorge Ah Ektenel Drums (1992-present)
See also: ex-Dread
Marco Ek Balam Guitars, Vocals (1992-present)
See also: ex-Dread
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