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Bestial Devastation

Country of origin:
Chieti, Abruzzo
Formed in:
Brutal Death Metal/Goregrind
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Meat 5000 Records
Years active:
During the recording sessions of Splatter Mania, Bestial Devastation recorded guest vocals for a Karmassacre song titled "(n)Ukraine" that was to be released on the next Karmassacre demo.

Compilation appearances:
- "Voodoo Curse" on Tribute to Mortician (Alarma Records, cat# A-10, 2007)
- "You're a Cop" and "You're Gay" on Defenders of the Noise - A Tribute to Anal Cunt (2013)
Animal Bass, Vocals (2002-2008)
See also: ex-Tools of Torture, ex-Corpsefucking Art, ex-Rabid Dogs
Brutal Drums (2002-2008)
See also: Guineapig, Mental Shit, Rabid Dogs
Lord Destroyer Guitars (2002-2008)
See also: ex-Tools of Torture, Mental Shit, Rabid Dogs, ex-The Drop of Water That Can Wear Through a Stone
Torturer Guitars, Vocals (2002-2008)
See also: Guineapig, SpermBloodShit, ex-Ass Gaping
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