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Trust Your Heart - Photo

Trust Your Heart

Country of origin:
Cosio Valtellino (Sondrio), Lombardy
Formed in:
Heavy/Power Metal
Christianity, Romanticism, Fantasy
Last label:
Kalrog Records
Years active:
2003-2004 (as Armagherion), 2004-2014 (as Animae Capronii), 2015-2021, 2022 (as Animae Capronii)
All the Trust Your Heart releases are in CD-R format, but they also can be downloaded for free from the band's official website.
From 2016 to 2018 Kalrog Naar referred to his music with Trust Your Heart as 'Unpagan Unblack Metal'. Disbanded in October 2021. Returned as Animae Capronii on 19 June 2022 but abandoned after only 4 days, on June 23.
Cesare Sannino All instruments, Vocals (2015-2021)
See also: Kalrog Naar, ex-Animae Capronii, ex-Cervus Nebulae, ex-Cesare Sannino, ex-Dockalfar, ex-Evig Begravelse, ex-Hatecraft, ex-Nazgoat, ex-Search for Light, ex-Nazgul, Nocturnal Flame, ex-MOEX, ex-Night Evil, ex-Sarcophago, ex-Sinfonia Nordica, ex-Violent Shit
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