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Sharky Sharky

Country of origin:
United Kingdom
Aberdeen, Scotland
Formed in:
Power Metal/Rock
Lyrical themes:
Rock, Sea, Fish, Food, Imagination
Current label:
Years active:
Sharky Sharky is a side project of the power metal band Ascension using a kids theme to introduce kids to music. It's based on a British kids band that was successful.

At this time, only Richard and Fraser are in the band but they may hire Dick and Stuart from the band Ascension for their live shows. Nick is not involved in the band.
Sharky Guitars
See also: Ascension, Fraser Edwards
Baxter Vocals
See also: Ascension
Andy Bass (2013-present)
Finley Drums (2013-present)
Jawnofin Keyboards, Keytar (2013-present)
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