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Blood Dancer

Country of origin:
United States
San Diego, California
Formed in:
Power/Heavy Metal
Lyrical themes:
Mythology, History, War, Fantasy, Religion, Literature
Current label:
Years active:
Blood Dancer is a 5-piece heavy metal band from San Diego, California. Started in 2010 by guitarist/songwriter Cory Barclay, he quickly recruited his brother Christopher Barclay for vocals and Brian Rumsey for drums. They spent time recording their self-titled full-length album at Brian Rumsey's home studio, recruited friends Tony Montemarano (bass) and Paul Clausen (rhythm guitar), and have been ...
Brian Rumsey Drums (2010-present)
See also: Autobomb
Cory Barclay Guitars (lead) (2010-present)
Christopher Barclay Vocals (2010-present)
Tony Montemarano Bass (2012-present)
See also: Autobomb
Paul Clausen Guitars (rhythm) (2012-present)
Ian Luckey Bass (2014-present)
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