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Muknal - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Formed in:
Black/Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Spiritual Violence, Occultism
Last label:
Crepúsculo Negro
Years active:
The name Muknal comes from "Actún Tunichil Muknal," (Cave of the Crystal Sepulchure), a Mayan archaeological cave site in Belize known for containing human sacrificial remains, ceramics, and curious crystal formations.

Compilation appearances:
- "Bringers of Filth" (Tliltic Tlapoyauak, Crepúsculo Negro, 2013)
Anxiety Drums
See also: Caustic Grave Wind, Cursed Exhumation, ex-Hate Kommand, ex-Nuclear Desecration, ex-Street Force, ex-Nocturnal Blood, ex-The Haunting Presence, ex-Ritual Combat (live)
Vahxak Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
See also: Acualli, Axeman, Blue Hummingbird on the Left, Kallathon, Volahn, Arizmenda (live), Bone Awl (live), ex-Ashdautas, ex-Dolorvotre, ex-Kuxan Suum, ex-The Haunting Presence (live), Blood Play, Mata Mata, Zoloa, ex-Shataan
Impious Vocals
See also: ex-Nihilobstat, ex-Rhinocervs, ex-Absum, ex-Glossolalia, ex-Tukaaria, Blazing Eye, Mata Mata, Sadicos, ex-Ashdautas, ex-Atake de Nervios, ex-Drapetomania, ex-Resist and Exist, ex-They Fear the Reclaim, ex-Tuberculosis, ex-Zoloa
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