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Black Math Horseman - Photo

Black Math Horseman

Country of origin:
United States
Los Angeles, California
Formed in:
Psychedelic Post-Metal
Current label:
Tee Pee Records
Years active:
2007-2013, 2018-present
They announced their split on June 21, 2013 (summer solstice), saying "We started writing music as friends to form Black Math Horseman. It has been an inspired journey, but we've decided that BMH is a one-record project."

Compilation appearances:
"All Apologies" on "In Utero, In Tribute, In Entirety" (Nirvana tribute, Robotic Empire, 2014)
Sera Timms Bass, Vocals (2007-2013, 2018-present)
See also: Ides of Gemini, Black Mare
Sasha Popovic Drums (2007-2013, 2018-present)
See also: Mother Tongue, ex-Mustard Gas and Roses (live)
Ian Barry Guitars (2007-2013, 2018-present)
Bryan Tulao Guitars (2007-2013, 2018-present)
See also: Chelsea Wolfe (live), Mustard Gas and Roses (live)
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