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The Great Collapse

Country of origin:
Toronto, Ontario
Formed in:
Extreme Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes:
Human Nature, Life, Death
Last label:
Years active:
2006-2009 (as Malignity), 2009-?
The Great Collapse was formed by Luke Roberts (Guitar) and Cameron Warrack (Drums), formerly from Toronto band Archaeon (2000-2005). They then found Angela Wheeler (Vocals), Mike Simpson (Bass) and Brett Leier (Guitar) to complete the current lineup.

Additional note regarding their genre: "Extreme Progressive Metal" encompasses their mix of metal (death/black/progressive), industrial, ...
Mike Simpson Bass
See also: ex-Mother of Pearl, ex-The Womb, Godstopper, ex-Chaos Within
H. Drums
See also: Sortilegia, Vemod (live), ex-Abyssal Throne, ex-Archaeon, Azothyst
Brett Leier Guitars
See also: ex-The Womb, ex-Inhumed
Luke Roberts Guitars, Vocals
See also: Battlebear, ex-Archaeon, ex-The Womb, Ayahuasca, Gargoyl, ex-Pale Mare
Angela Wheeler Vocals
See also: ex-Thangelic
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