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Amon Goeth

Country of origin:
Brno, South Moravian Region
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Anti-Christianity, Satanism
Last label:
Nazgul's Eyrie Productions
Years active:
Originally called Amon. Nazgul's Eyrie Productions invented the name Amon Goeth (which the band never used for themselves) to avoid confusion with other bands called Amon.

Amon Goeth (Amon Göth) was a Nazi concentration camp-kommandant. He was executed for crimes against humanity. He is believed to have executed several thousands of people, and is said to have been very sadistic.
Fana Medek Bass
(R.I.P. 2001) See also: ex-Amon, ex-Asgard
Karel "Bauhaus" Bosak Drums
See also: ex-Amon
Lada Larva Krupica Guitars, Keyboards
See also: Amon, Black Mirror, ex-Asgard, ex-Sezarbil
Dr. Fé Vocals
See also: Amon (live), ex-Root
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