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Country of origin:
Ferno (Varese), Lombardy
Changed name
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Concept Story of 6 Daemons Invading Earth
Last label:
Red Stream, Inc.
Years active:
1994-1998, 1998-2001 (as Fiurach)
Changed their name after a dispute with their former label as to revoke their contract.
Avadon Bass (1994-1998)
See also: DoomSword, Midryasi, ex-Deathraid, ex-Fiurach
Vidar Drums (1994-1998)
See also: Madhour, Sidhe, Vexed, ex-Warhammer, ex-Tethra
Avenir Guitars (1994-1998)
See also: Madhour, Tethra, ex-Cauda Draconis, ex-Fiurach, ex-Warhammer, ex-DoomSword
Vali Guitars, Choirs (1994-1998)
See also: DoomSword, Gjallarhorn, ex-Fiurach, ex-Warhammer, ex-Fury n Grace
Adonay Keyboards (1994-1998)
See also: ex-Fiurach
Vanth Vocals (1994-1998)
See also: ex-Fiurach
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