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Alpha Drone

Country of origin:
Oldenburg, Lower Saxony
Formed in:
Black Metal, Industrial Noise/Drone
Lyrical themes:
Esoteric occultism
Current label:
Conservative Tentacles
Years active:
Contact: [email protected]

Additional discography:
- Fire & Ice (unreleased demo).
- Stargazer (unreleased demo).
- Sword and Spirit (digital single).

All unreleased material was later released on the Black Tribe compilation The Burning of Blood and Soil - The Unreleased Alpha Drone Demos.

The name "Alpha Drone" is taken from a science fiction short story Johann Aegidius Ritter wrote ...
Johann Aegidius Ritter All instruments (2004-2015)
See also: Black Tribe, ex-Satanity, ex-Verdorben, Fearless North Koreans from Hell, Gre'thor, Hymn to Mechagodzilla, The Falcons of Zagreb, The Ian Brady Bunch, ex-Das Urteil, ex-Draugburz, ex-Fuck Xasthur, ex-Kriegsgeflüster, ex-The Continuum, ex-The Silence, ex-Wehrmut
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