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Spastic Ink

Country of origin:
United States
San Antonio, Texas
On hold
Formed in:
Technical Progressive Metal
Lyrical themes:
Mostly instrumental, Computers, Humour
Last label:
Eclectic Electric
Years active:
From L to R: Bobby, Ron and Pete.
Pete Perez Bass (1993-2004)
See also: Karion, ex-Leatherwolf, ex-Reverend, ex-Riot V, ex-Syrus
Bobby Jarzombek Drums (1993-2004)
See also: Fates Warning, Halford, Painmuseum, Sebastian Bach, Zierler, ex-Happy Kitties, The Foundry, ex-Arch / Matheos, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Juggernaut, ex-Riot V, ex-Rob Rock, ex-Blaze Bayley (live), ex-John West, ex-Cheap Evil, ex-Dirty Water, ex-Jack Ruby, ex-Tarrot, ex-Winterkat
Ron Jarzombek Guitars (lead) (1993-2004)
See also: Blotted Science, Ron Jarzombek, Watchtower, ex-Happy Kitties, ex-S.A. Slayer, ex-Marty Friedman (live), ex-Jarz, ex-Tarrot
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