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Country of origin:
Yutz/Florange, Grand Est
Formed in:
Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Nothingness, End of Life
Current label:
Death Knell Productions
Years active:
Unofficial Release:
Caput Mortuum - fractured & remixed - Private CDr (Not Official) (Remixed by Luc Mertz; comes without the fifth track; 2010)
Cypher Drums, Arrangements
See also: La Division Mentale, Hymen
Eymeric Germain Guitars, Drums, Effects, Keyboards
See also: Fallen Arkane, Krazumpath, La Division Mentale, Zaghurim, ex-Devilish Era, ex-Karbonized Traitor, ex-Pagan Grief, ex-Zoophobia, ex-Fjalar
Lhükkmer'thz Vocals
See also: ex-Belzebul, ex-Black Sheep, ex-Gore, ex-Impostüre, ex-MG42, ex-Nazi Zombies Invasion, ex-Occult Vomit, ex-Skullface, ex-The Eternal Fire, ex-Vlad Drakul, ex-White Bastard, ex-Witchsummon, ex-WOMD, ex-Wurzburg, ex-Yâb, ex-Yog Sothoth, ex-Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh, ex-Disfavor, ex-Zaghurim, ex-Dockalfar, ex-Docteur Z, ex-Ancient Times, ex-Cosmic Conspiracy, ex-Deadman, ex-Death Chamber, ex-Doomed to Failure, ex-Dust, ex-Ogre, ex-Paria, ex-Petrified, ex-R.I.P., ex-Saturn Rings, ex-Sick, ex-Skull Vs. Crow, ex-Space Ritual, ex-Stigma Diabolicum, ex-Suicide, ex-Terror, ex-The Blues Alone, ex-The Dead's Song, ex-Themgoroth, ex-UNK 666
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