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Embrionic Death

Country of origin:
United States
Hampton Bays, New York
Formed in:
Brutal Death Metal
Lyrical themes:
Gore, Existentialism
Last label:
Pathos Productions
Years active:
1991-?, 2008-?, 2008-? (as 2008), 2008-?
Compilation Appearances:
- "Infectious Carnage" on Morbid Noise 6 (label unknown, 1991)
- "Sculpting Decay" on Midnight Offerings - a Death Metal Sampler from the U.S.A. (With Your Teeth, 1992)
- "Twisted Intestine" (rehearsal) on A Darkness Reborn ‎(Eternal Darkness Creations, 1992)
- "Twisted Intestine" on Audio Autopsy Volume One ‎(label unknown, 1992)
- "Twisted Intestine" on Incantation ...
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