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Burning Human - Photo

Burning Human

Country of origin:
United States
Troy, New York
Formed in:
Death Metal
Current label:
Years active:
Burning Human never had an official full-length release (prior to Resurrection Through Fire) - they released their Death is Mercy demo in 1995, a song called "Hazards to Humans" on a compilation CD titled Capitol Punishment in 1997, two songs "As Good As Dead" and "Tormented Mind" featured on the Frozen Dawn IV compilation CD in 1998, and "Self-Inflicted Crucifixion" on a compilation CD titled ...
Jason Van DerVoort Bass, Vocals
See also: The Final Sleep, Ice Queen (live)
Jason Bittner Drums
See also: Overkill, Shadows Fall, Prong (live), ex-China White, ex-Ever Dark, ex-Fear Itself, ex-Hellspeak, ex-Suspended Animation, D.D. Verni & the Cadillac Band (live), ex-Flotsam and Jetsam, ex-Toxik, ex-Anthrax (live), ex-Stigmata, ex-Crisis, ex-Lynch's Mr. Scary (live)
Jason Sunkes Guitars
See also: ex-Dead Rabbits, ex-Stigmata, ex-Greatdayforup
Mike Stack Guitars
See also: False Gods
Jonah Radaelli Vocals
See also: ex-Dissent
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