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Malachi - Photo


Country of origin:
United States
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Formed in:
Atmospheric Sludge Metal/Crust
Lyrical themes:
Last label:
Halo of Flies
Years active:
Not to be confused with:
- Malachi (Speed/Power Metal from Wooster, Ohio)
- Malachi (Thrash/Heavy Metal/Grunge from Huntington, West Virginia)
- Malachai (Cleveland-based Heavy Metal band of future Embalmer members, active mid-to-late '80s)

Other bands members have been involved with or are still involved with include:
Artimus Pyle, What Happens Next?, Laudnum, Conquest for Death, High on ...
Robert Collins Bass, Vocals
See also: Conquest for Death, No Statik, Opt Out, Vaccuum, ex-Laudanum, ex-Artimus Pyle, ex-High on Crime, ex-Suicide Bomb, ex-What Happens Next?
Betsy Rettig Cello, Vocals
Russ Korinek Drums
John Downing Guitars
See also: Artimus Pyle, High on Crime
Dathan Lythgoe Guitars
See also: Shut In, Skull Time, ex-Architects of the Aftermath
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