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Autumn Leaves

Country of origin:
Ribe, Syddanmark
Formed in:
Death Metal (early); Melodic Death Metal (later)
Lyrical themes:
Autumn, Anti-Christianity, Emotions, Despair
Last label:
Serious Entertainment
Years active:
1992-1993 (as Decrial), 1993-2001
Compilation appearance(s):
Fuck You We're from Denmark Vol. 3 (1994, Progress Records) with "Forever the Destiny"

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel.
Boris Tandrup Bass (1993-2001)
See also: ex-Into Dementia, ex-Submission, ex-Decrial, ex-Scavenger, ex-The Arcane Order, ex-Koldborn, ex-Slugs
Egil H. Madsen Drums (1993-2001)
See also: ex-Decrial
Flemming C. Lund Guitars (1993-2001)
See also: Temple of Scorn, The Arcane Order, ex-Scavenger, ex-Invocator, ex-Raunchy (live)
Thomas Andersen Guitars (1993-2001)
Torsten Madsen Vocals (1993-2001)
See also: Helge, Inbreeding Rednecks, ex-Slugs, ex-Decrial
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