Name Type Year Reviews
Traveling Through Grey Walls of Existence Compilation 2008  
Dwellers in an Infertile World Split 2008  
Deep Cold Split 2008  
Train "Exeter" to D.P. State Split 2009  
Cold Floors to Embrace, Wet Soils to Dig In Split 2009  
Treasures from the Dead Seas Split 2009  
Dead Witches and Living Ghosts Compilation 2009  
Blunt Razor Compilation 2010  
Deep Cold 2 Split 2011  
Postmortem EP 2011  
One Day.One Room Compilation 2011  
Northern Pomerania's Wasteland EP 2011  
Singles Vol.1 Compilation 2011  
The Ghost Trainstation Split 2011  
ODOR (One Day. One Room) Compilation 2012  
Northern Pomerania Movie Edition EP 2012  
Your 17 Miles Collaboration 2012  
The Blackest Horizons Compilation 2012  
Sun & Moon Single 2012  
We Watched the Campfire Next We Stared into the Sea Single 2012  
Dr.ones EP 2012  
Marshland Murders Split 2012  
Astral Connection EP 2012  
Innerless Skin on a Water / KoldVoid / Deep-pression Split 2013  
The Sinking Milky Way EP 2013  
Fresh Blood in Dead Veins Split 2013  
...and the Swamps Stood in a Rain... Single 2013  
Thule Split 2013  
Mental Cage / Deep-pression Split 2013  
Animus Aeger Semper Errat Split 2014  
The Burdens / The River / The Wind EP 2014  
Remixes & Fixations in the Name of Nonsense EP 2015  
Starless Spreading Space Single 2016