Name Type Year Reviews
Beyond the Midnight Forest Demo 2006  
Hymn of Night and Darkness Demo 2006  
Dressed in the Wolf Skins Demo 2007  
Svarte Vann Single 2008  
The Smell of Hell Split 2009 Embrace of Cold White Dust EP 2009  
B.D.S.M. Single 2010  
Udødelige Nature Split 2010  
Fourth Dimension of Madness Video 2010  
Солнечный ветер / Четыре сезона Split 2010  
Tales of the Midnight Forest Full-length 2011  
Nocturne EP 2011  
Misterious Winds from Ancient Past Split 2012  
Silentium! Split 2013 1 (75%)
Death Spells Erotica Full-length 2013  
DevilLady: In the Shadow of Her Hooves Single 2014  
Ave Nihil Full-length 2015  
Through Her Mirror EP 2015  
Decade of Nihilism Compilation 2016