Name Type Year Reviews
Ejaculator Rehearsal Tape Demo 1991  
Psychonecropsypathologic Demo 1992  
Open Doors of the Morgue Demo 1993  
To a Life Consumed by Slow Decay Demo 1994  
Consumed by Slow Decay Full-length 1995 1 (82%)
From the Murder to the Morgue Video 2006  
In Sickness Intent Compilation 2007  
Sublimes rituales del mundo bizarro Full-length 2009  
For a Maggotified Mass Innards / Untitled Split 2014  
Medical & Pathological Splatter Lacerations Split 2016  
Feraliminal Bowel Septic Gore Fetus Split 2017  
Intestinal Parasitology Diseases 3 Ways Split 2018  
Upgraded Machines from Human Parts Split 2019