Name Type Year Reviews
Chaos Black Dragon Demo 2020  
The Fall of the Vampire Lord Single 2020  
The Black Spring Singles Comp Compilation 2020  
Discord: Angel of Death Demo 2020  
Undead Deities Demo 2020  
Serpent Society Demo 2020  
United Hostility of The Black Dragon Demo 2020  
Until the Dragon Takes Us Demo 2020  
It Was Not Enough Demo 2020  
Above It All Demo 2020  
No Fear, Only Excitement Demo 2020  
End of an Error Demo 2020  
Massacre at My Own Funeral Demo 2021  
They Wear the Mark (But They're Not on Our Side) Single 2021  
The Undead Winter Demo 2021  
Stronger Than Curses Demo 2021  
Demon Enhancement Demo 2021  
Adversary Demo 2021  
Immortalized by Dark Forces Demo 2021  
Marked for Death Demo 2021  
Summoning Swords from Pools of Blood Demo 2021  
Mortuorum Full-length 2021  
When We Embraced Death and Vice Versa EP 2021  
The Chaos Shall Ensue Full-length 2021  
To See You Dead Demo 2021  
The Dark Is Now Darker Full-length 2021  
With the Shitty Ashes Demo 2021  
It Ends with Me Full-length 2021  
Fuck Your Legacy EP 2021  
Mortuorum II Full-length 2021  
Black Dragon, White Lion Full-length 2021