Name Type Year Reviews
Hedgehog Slut Single 2020  
Don't Touch My Drugs or I'll Rape You with My Hedgecock Full-length 2021  
Segtanic Metal Attack Split 2021  
Tardcore EP 2021  
Chao Garden Death Camp Single 2021  
I Raped Your Cat Single 2021  
Vulgar Display of Autism Full-length 2021  
Rabid Queen Single 2021  
Stomping on Baby Hedgehogs Single 2021  
Simpin' for Fiona Fox Full-length 2021  
Simpin' For Fiona Fox (The Single) Single 2021  
Goin' 2 Da Club Wit Sonic​.​exe Full-length 2021  
The Return of Hedgehog Slut Single 2021