Name Type Year Reviews
Lost Humanity EP 2018  
The Absurd World Full-length 2018  
Revolution EP 2018  
The Looming Darkness Full-length 2018  
Cosmos of Infinity Single 2018  
Wander in Infinite Depths Full-length 2018  
Forgotten Dreams Full-length 2018  
Annihilation Single 2018  
Dark First Contact (Vol.1) EP 2018  
Hidden Wisdom EP 2018  
Dark First Contact (Vol.2) EP 2018  
Time Fade Full-length 2018  
Isolation EP 2018  
Falling Mind Full-length 2018  
Fire in Depth of Silence Full-length 2019  
Last Breath of Wind EP 2019  
Life (Black Point in World) Full-length 2019  
Illusion in the Reflections Full-length 2019  
Shining Orbs in Dark Corridors Full-length 2019  
The Gates of Consciousness Full-length 2019  
Delight in Vain Full-length 2019  
I Die Every Moment Full-length 2019