Name Type Year Reviews
Sump Tinning EP 2017  
Swamp Temple EP 2017  
Demo Demo 2017  
Winter Single 2017  
Winter Full-length 2017  
When Night Comes Demo 2018  
A Tale from the Forest Deep Demo 2018  
Once Lost and Forgotten Demo 2018  
The Blood of Their Gods Demo 2018  
To Hell With Us All Demo 2018  
By Means of Ancient Magic Demo 2018  
Of Temple Ascension: Molded Corridors in the Blackened Vault Compilation 2018  
Desolate Voyage Beyond Full-length 2018  
Solitude Single 2018  
Gods of a Dying Sun Split 2018  
New Hampshire Black Metal Demo 2018  
Spira / Swamp Temple Split 2019  
Possessions Single 2019  
Satan's Dungeon Orchestra Vol. 3 Split 2019