Name Type Year Reviews
Abaddon EP 2012  
Ghost Single 2016  
Holy Teachings of Self Defeat Full-length 2016  
Cardiac EP 2017  
Scars Single 2017  
Orwellian Night Terrors Single 2017  
Fear Made a Home in Me Single 2017  
Miira Full-length 2017  
Wilt Single 2017  
2016-2017 Discography (From Newest to Oldest) Compilation 2017  
Lullaby for the Unborn Single 2017  
Brace Legs (Born of Osiris cover) Single 2017  
Living Failure Single 2018  
Intestinal Incubation - Addicted to Your Suffering Compilation 2018  
I am Scum Single 2018  
Death of a Cynic ft. JJ Polachek Single 2018  
Cardiac Omega EP 2018