Name Type Year Reviews
Fountain of Uncertainty Full-length 2013 2 (79%)
Kill Your Repulsive Child Full-length 2014  
Shoot on Mom's Corpse Full-length 2014  
Raping Lesbians for Freedom Full-length 2014  
Suffering, Fear, Lucifer Full-length 2015  
Kaos Garden: Burn the Homeless Full-length 2015  
Unity/Solaris Split 2015  
You Jewish Bastards Full-length 2015  
Children's Suicide Music ((Ritual of (Love) Is the Key)) Full-length 2015  
Dad's Choking on My Vomit of His Semen Full-length 2016  
Supports Flag Burning and Female Raping Full-length 2017 1 (87%)
Satanic Mosque Full-length 2017