Name Type Year Reviews
Procesos de la putrefaccion EP 2011  
Endobronchial Metastasis of Osteosarcoma Presenting as Position Dependent and Variable Airway Obstruction of the Trachea Split 2011  
Hidrocefalica Experimentacion EP 2012  
Chronic Disseases Examiners (Abnormal Putrefaction and Infections) Split 2012  
Carnal Dissection of the Thoraco Wall / Hidden Medico-Pathological Inquests (Part 1) Split 2013  
Potential Contamination of Forensic Entomology Samples Collected in the Mortuary Split 2013  
3 Ways of Infected Autopsy into the Cannibalism Split 2013  
Total Putrefaction / Disgorging Festering Cadavers Split 2015  
Septic Autopsy / Gangrene Discharge Split 2015  
Forensic Mala Praxis EP 2016  
Pathological & Forensick Necrobrain Surgery 4-Ways Split 2016  
Septic Autopsy vs Putrefuck Split 2016  
Necro Secreations Vol. 1 Compilation 2018