Name Type Year Reviews
Orgy of Illnesses in a Putrid Body Demo 2011  
Procesos de la putrefaccion EP 2011  
Endobronchial Metastasis of Osteosarcoma Presenting as Position Dependent and Variable Airway Obstruction of the Trachea Split 2011  
Post-mortem Examinations Full-length 2012  
Hidrocefalica Experimentacion EP 2012  
Chronic Disseases Examiners (Abnormal Putrefaction and Infections) Split 2012  
Carnal Dissection of the Thoraco Wall / Hidden Medico-Pathological Inquests (Part 1) Split 2013  
Potential Contamination of Forensic Entomology Samples Collected in the Mortuary Split 2013  
3 Ways of Infected Autopsy into the Cannibalism Split 2013  
Total Putrefaction / Disgorging Festering Cadavers Split 2015  
Septic Autopsy / Gangrene Discharge Split 2015  
Spontaneous Emanation of Rotting Smell Through Necropsy Process Full-length 2016  
Forensic Mala Praxis EP 2016  
Pathological & Forensick Necrobrain Surgery 4-Ways Split 2016  
Septic Autopsy vs Putrefuck Split 2016  
Cadaveric Malignancy Full-length 2017  
Necro Secreations Vol. 1 Compilation 2018