Name Type Year Reviews
A Fine Winter's Mourning Demo 2012  
When the Light Hurts Your Eyes Demo 2012  
Nocturnal Hypnosis Full-length 2012  
Frostbitten EP 2012  
A Famine of the Soul EP 2012  
The Pagan Tomb EP 2012  
We Prayed Under the Altar of Luna Full-length 2013  
The Void of Insanity Full-length 2013  
We Feared the Wrath of Lord Lucifer Full-length 2013  
Danse! For Macabre Shall Come Full-length 2013  
A Spiritual Awakening Full-length 2014  
Despair Led This House into Ruin EP 2014  
In the Shadows of Salvation Full-length 2014  
Winter '14 EP 2014