Name Type Year Reviews
Locked in the Dark on the Path to Enlightenment Demo 2010  
In a Chasm of Thousand-Year Despondency EP 2010  
A World Without All Full-length 2011  
Gate of Unimaginable Sorrows Single 2011  
Wait a Silent Vortex Single 2011  
Во мраке веков Full-length 2012  
Entombed in the Depths of the Frozen Forests Full-length 2012  
In the Fog of the Dead Lakes EP 2012  
В глубинах болота EP 2012  
Глаза красных ягод Split 2013  
Dreams of Black Moon Full-length 2013  
Hidden Secrets of Siberia Single 2013  
I magen av svart kaos Full-length 2014  
Под крылом смерти Split 2016  
The Silence of the Ancient Forests Full-length 2016  
The Glory of Great North! Single 2017