Name Type Year Reviews
Kaos Supreme Demo 2003  
Vig Bort Demo 2005  
Ancient Ways of Evil Darkness Demo 2006  
Inferioria Devolo Demergi Demo 2006  
Infernalistic Flames of Luciftias Full-length 2007  
Separted Phlegmation of Deadborns Demo 2007  
Narcodemonical Full-length 2008  
Live in Snoldelev Live album 2009  
Sessions from Lejre Split 2010  
Satanaelic Bloodgasm Ritual Demo 2010  
Darkened Apocalyptic Occult Goat Ritual EP 2010  
Occultious Inlightmentsasion Demo 2010  
Manifestation in Unholy Blackness Full-length 2011  
Cadaverous Secular Demo 2012