Name Type Year Reviews
Faxed Head / Breathilizör Split 1994  
Something of Something Part III Compilation 2000  
Live at the Laundromat / A Fiendish Split Single Split 2004  
Fallen Corn Messenger of Winter Doom Six: Return to Bobler's Index Full-length 2007  
We Rule the Underworld Split 2009  
Metal Dump of Outer Space's Confusion aka Hamburglar's Toast EP 2009  
Syphilitic Vaginas / Breathilizör Split 2010  
Breathilizör / Doktor Bitch Split 2011  
Brody's Militia / Breathilizör Split 2011  
For the Ultimate Pain of Medusa's Love a.k.a. Evil Grotokhan VI Full-length 2012  
Breathilizör / The Flidiots Split 2013