Name Type Year Reviews
The Dark Way to the Mighty Empire Demo 1998  
Inferno Full-length 2005  
Von Blutes Stimme gereinigt / Sturm in die Anderswelt Split 2005  
Satanic March for Victory Split 2007  
Terror aus Fleisch und Blut Full-length 2007  
Salvation Through Despair Split 2008  
...There Will Be Blood Full-length 2009  
Possessed by the Unholy Black Art Split 2010  
In the End / Eternal Silence Split 2011  
Madness of His Followers Split 2013  
Diabolus det Juramentum Split 2014  
A Prayer of Mass Destruction Full-length 2014  
Parto de fuego / Symphony of Soul Demise Split 2014  
Séance Obscure Full-length 2019  
Miriquidi Full-length 2021  
25th Anniversary EP EP 2022