Name Type Year Reviews
Basement Tape Demo 1994  
Always Happy to Disappoint... Demo 1994  
E. Pluribus Interuptus Demo 1996  
As It Was So It Will Be Forever Demo 1996  
Enuma Elish Demo 1998  
Poverty Level Gutter Swill Demo 1998  
Dawn of the Rim Financers Demo 2009  
HELL Is WoRsE Demo 2010  
Osity Demo 2010  
Of Rust, Moth and Thieves Demo 2010  
Cake Demo 2010  
In Praise of Disma and Deep Fried Oreos! Demo 2010  
Caves Demo 2010  
Halloween Fandango Forever Demo 2010  
The John Delzoppo Session + 2 Demo 2010  
The Dawn of the Rise of the Day of Cute-thulu & Cute-thu-lady Demo 2011  
Guvvvkuhhh Demo 2012  
Sloth's Good Friday in Akron Demo 2013  
Holy Saturday Demo 2013  
8-Track Tape Demo 2013