Name Type Year Reviews
Glory of the Ancient Gods Split 2002  
The Black March of Death / Satan Possession Split 2002  
Satan Master Demo 2002  
True, Frost and Evil Demo 2002  
Anti Human Life Compilation 2002  
The Wrath of the Black Empire Demo 2002  
Anthems of the Black Order EP 2003  
Armaggedon / Akerbeltz Split 2003  
The Hordes of the Imperial Hell Split 2003  
Conquering the World with True Black Metal War Split 2004  
Kill Yourself or Die Full-length 2004 1 (70%)
Possessed by Satan EP 2004  
Vargsang / Armaggedon Split 2004  
Imperium wird durch das Blut wieder aufleben Full-length 2005  
Ave Satan Full-length 2006  
Gathered Under the Flame of Ancient Wisdom Split 2008  
I.N.R.I. (I, Nazarene, Recognize My Impurity) Full-length 2009  
Anti Zionist Split 2010  
Sieg Heil 666 (The Awakening of the Baphomet's Einsatzgruppen) Full-length 2013