Name Type Year Reviews
Through My Mind's Eye / Please Pardon Our Noise... It Is a Sound of Freedom Split 1983  
Martha Splatterhead EP 1985  
Archive Tapes 1981-86 Compilation 1987  
Hymns for the Deranged EP 1989  
The Acc├╝sed / Morphius Split 1989  
Murder in Berkeley!! "Alive on 45" Single 1991  
Straight Razor EP 1991  
Straight Razor (Going for the Throat) Single 1992  
Paint It Red Single 1999 1 (95%)
Louder than Hell Split 2005  
Baked Tapes Compilation 2006  
Why Even Try? EP 2007  
Songs of Horror and Alcoholism Split 2010  
Nasty Cuts: The Best of the Nastymix Years Compilation 2011