Name Type Year Reviews
Parental Advisory Because This Is a Big Shit Full-length 2003  
Popol = Shit Demo 2005  
Skull Head Demo 2005  
Destroying the Mainstream Split 2008  
Grind My Bitch Up Full-length 2008  
Baraki Dancecore EP 2008  
Euro Popersgrinder Vision 2046 EP 2009  
Pig Dig Pick Nick Full-length 2010  
Most Fucked Up Split Ever Split 2010  
L'Ak​-​Kush​-​Tik Full-length 2010  
Putrified J vs. Oerjgrinder: The Bwittle Collaboration 2010  
Grind from da Hood Full-length 2011  
2012 Reasons to Kill Humanity EP 2011  
Charts Attack Full-length 2012  
Jungle Bones Juggle Full-length 2016