Name Type Year Reviews
Demo 97 Demo 1997  
Frankenbok Demo 1998  
Greetings and Salutations Full-length 2000  
The Frankenbok Special Master Movie Camera Music "Dodgy" home video Video 2000  
The Loopholes & Great Excuses EP EP 2001  
Devastation Vacation Split 2001  
Blood Oath Full-length 2003  
Murder of Songs Full-length 2007  
The Last Ditch Redemption EP 2008  
Home Is Where the Stage Is Video 2011  
Dine in Hell Single 2011  
The End of All You Know Full-length 2011  
Shit on the Liver / Genetic Lego Split 2012  
Cheers, Beers & Beards! Full-length 2013  
Never to Return Single 2014  
Vicious, Lawless Full-length 2017  
Coming Out Swinging Single 2019