Name Type Year Reviews
The Cold Waste Demo 1993  
Black Baptism of October Demo 1994  
Live at Plaza Monumental Bull Ring Live album 1995  
Hellbent on Slaughter EP 1995  
Infierno Eterno Full-length 1996  
Lucifer Master Full-length 2002  
Slaughter in the Holy Cities Demo 2005  
Satanik Warfare in Texas Video 2006  
Unholy, Unwholesome and Evil Full-length 2006  
F.U.C.K.: Forever Unholy Christian Karnage EP 2007  
Hell Hymns Compilation 2008  
Satanik Shoktroops auf Doom EP 2008 1 (60%)
Snowgoats of Apokalypse Single 2009  
Satanik Fuck Compilation 2009  
Bringers of Black Genocide Split 2010  
666 War!!! Full-length 2012  
Morbid Witches Seduced by Satan's Phallus Split 2013  
Unholy Profanation EP 2013  
Desekrating the Angels Video 2014  
Appetite for Desecration Full-length 2015  
Bringers of Unholy Profanation Compilation 2015  
Et Verbi Sathanus / Obeisance (live) Split 2015  
Fuck the United Nations... Fuck the World Peace Split 2016  
Annihilation Fist Split 2016  
Unholy Ancient War Split 2017  
Nocturnal Empire of Evil Split 2017