Name Country Genre Score
Black Sabbath United Kingdom Heavy/Doom Metal 333
Dio United States Heavy Metal 179
Rainbow United Kingdom Hard Rock/Heavy Metal 66
Candlemass Sweden Epic Doom Metal 65
Iommi United Kingdom Doom/Heavy Metal 37
Starlight Ritual Canada Heavy/Doom Metal 21
Trouble United States Doom Metal (early), Psychedelic/Stoner Metal (later) 18
Count Raven Sweden Doom Metal 15
Cathedral United Kingdom Doom/Stoner Metal 14
Solitude Aeturnus United States Epic Doom Metal 14
Avatarium Sweden Doom Metal 14
Alice in Chains United States Heavy Metal/Grunge 11
Sumerlands United States Heavy Metal 11
Pagan Altar United Kingdom NWOBHM, Doom Metal 10
Jerry Cantrell United States Doom/Alternative Metal/Rock, Grunge 10
Danzig United States Heavy Metal with Doom Metal/Rock influences 8
Sinister Realm United States Heavy/Doom Metal 7
Kill Devil Hill United States Heavy Metal 6
A Pale Horse Named Death United States Doom/Gothic Metal 6
Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock Germany Heavy Metal/Hard Rock 6
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