Name Country Genre Score
Haggard Germany Progressive Death Metal (early), Classical/Orchestral/Symphonic Metal (later) 95
Hollenthon Austria Symphonic/Folk/Melodic Death Metal 59
Septicflesh Greece Atmospheric/Symphonic Death Metal 38
Epica Netherlands Symphonic/Power Metal 27
Sobre Nocturne Sweden Symphonic Doom Metal 14
Celtic Frost Switzerland Thrash/Death/Black Metal (early), Gothic/Doom Metal (later) 12
Amorphis Finland Progressive/Death/Doom Metal (early), Melodic Heavy Metal/Rock (later) 12
Phlebotomized Netherlands Avant-garde Death/Doom Metal 12
Nightwish Finland Symphonic Power Metal 11
Opeth Sweden Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Rock 10
Shadowseeds Sweden Atmospheric Doom Metal 10
Diablo Swing Orchestra Sweden Avant-garde Metal 8
Aesma Daeva United States Operatic Symphonic Metal 8
Trans-Siberian Orchestra United States Orchestral/Progressive Rock/Metal 7
Imperial Age Russia Symphonic Metal 7
The Lament Russia Symphonic Gothic Metal 6
Rhapsody of Fire Italy Symphonic Power Metal 6
Sarah Jezebel Deva United Kingdom Symphonic Gothic Metal 6
Magni Animi Viri Italy Symphonic Metal, Classical, Operatic 6
Pentagram Turkey Thrash Metal (early), Heavy/Middle Eastern Folk Metal (later) 6
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