Name Country Genre Score
Melvins United States Sludge Metal, Various 85
Sunn O))) United States Drone/Doom Metal 84
Earth United States Drone/Doom Metal (early), Psychedelic/Post-Rock (later) 50
Electric Wizard United Kingdom Doom/Stoner Metal 13
Nadja Canada Ambient Drone/Doom Metal 12
Opium Warlords Finland Drone/Doom/Avant-garde Metal 12
Church of Misery Japan Doom/Stoner Metal 11
Jesu United Kingdom Drone/Doom Metal/Shoegaze/Post-Rock 11
Sleep United States Stoner/Doom Metal 10
Bongripper United States Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal 7
King Buzzo United States Acoustic 7
Kyuss United States Stoner Rock/Metal 6
Bong United Kingdom Psychedelic Drone/Doom Metal 5
The Body United States Experimental Sludge/Doom Metal/Noise/Industrial 5
A Pale Horse Named Death United States Doom/Gothic Metal 4
Flower Travellin' Band Japan Psychedelic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal 4
Sigh Japan Black/Avant-garde Metal 4
Whores. United States Noise Rock/Sludge Metal 4
Alice in Chains United States Heavy Metal/Grunge 3
Jucifer United States Sludge/Doom Metal/Drone/Punk 3
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