Name Country Genre Score
Fates Warning United States Power/Progressive Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 67
Spiral Architect Norway Technical/Progressive Metal 27
Deadsoul Tribe Austria Progressive Metal/Rock 27
The Last Things United States Progressive Metal 24
Control Denied United States Progressive Power Metal 23
Watchtower United States Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal 22
Sieges Even Germany Progressive Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later) 21
Catharsis United States Technical Power/Progressive Metal 16
Mekong Delta Germany Progressive Thrash Metal 13
Inferno United States Progressive/Thrash Metal 13
Thought Industry United States Progressive Thrash Metal (early), Alternative Rock (later) 12
Realm United States Technical Thrash/Power Metal 11
Buddy Lackey United States Progressive Metal 11
End Amen Germany Progressive Metal 10
Inner Sanctum United Kingdom Progressive Metal 10
Seer's Tear United Kingdom Doom/Power/Progressive Metal 9
Twisted into Form Norway Technical Progressive Metal 9
Antiquus Canada Power/Progressive Metal 9
Last Crack United States Progressive Groove Metal 8
The Shadow Theory International Progressive Metal 8
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