Name Country Genre Score
Mortuary Drape Italy Black/Death Metal 44
Negative Plane United States Black Metal 39
Mayhem Norway Black Metal 39
Necromantia Greece Black Metal 36
Katharsis Germany Black Metal 24
Head of the Demon Sweden Black/Doom Metal 17
Doombringer Poland Death/Black Metal 15
Inquisition Colombia Thrash Metal (early), Black Metal (later) 15
A.M.S.G. Canada Black Metal 15
Darkthrone Norway Death Metal (early), Black Metal (mid), Black/Heavy/Speed Metal (later) 13
Grand Belial's Key United States Black Metal 12
Death like Mass Poland Black Metal 11
Bestial Raids Poland Death/Black Metal 9
Teitanblood Spain Death/Black Metal 8
Denial of God Denmark Black Metal 8
Sepulchral Zeal Germany Death Metal 7
Swallowed Finland Doom/Death Metal 7
Swarþ Unknown Black/Death Metal 6
Reveal Sweden Black/Death/Thrash Metal 5
Nåstrond Sweden Black Metal 5
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