Name Country Genre Score
Insomnium Finland Melodic Death Metal 47
Wolfheart Finland Melodic Death Metal 33
Amorphis Finland Progressive/Death/Doom Metal (early), Melodic Heavy Metal/Rock (later) 20
Black Sun Aeon Finland Doom/Death Metal 20
Omnium Gatherum Finland Melodic Death Metal 18
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Finland Thrash Metal (early), Melodic/Symphonic Death Metal (later) 14
Dark the Suns Finland Melodic Dark/Gothic Metal 13
Dawn of Solace Finland Melodic Doom/Death Metal 11
Noumena Finland Melodic Death Metal 9
Valtari Australia Melodic Death Metal 4
Be'lakor Australia Melodic Death Metal 3
Shade Empire Finland Melodic Industrial Death/Black Metal 3
Mercenary Denmark Melodic Death/Power Metal 3
Nonexistence Austria Atmospheric Black/Death/Doom Metal 3
Soilwork Sweden Melodic Death Metal (early), Metalcore/Melodic Groove Metal (later) 3