Name Country Genre Score
At the Gates Sweden Melodic Death Metal 71
HateSphere Denmark Death/Thrash/Groove Metal 42
Lamb of God United States Groove Metal/Metalcore 40
The Crown Sweden Melodic Death/Thrash Metal 39
In Flames Sweden Melodic Death Metal (early), Melodic Groove Metal/Alternative Rock/Metalcore (later) 38
Darkane Sweden Melodic Death/Thrash Metal 38
Soilwork Sweden Melodic Death Metal (early), Metalcore/Melodic Groove Metal (later) 30
Carnal Forge Sweden Death/Thrash Metal 24
Dimension Zero Sweden Melodic Death/Thrash Metal 23
Dew-Scented Germany Thrash/Death Metal 21
Machine Head United States Groove/Thrash Metal, Nu-Metal 17
Sylosis United Kingdom Melodic Death/Thrash Metal 17
Pantera United States Glam/Heavy Metal (early), Groove Metal (later) 15
The Resistance Sweden Death Metal 15
Shadows Fall United States Melodic Death Metal (early), Metalcore (later) 15
One Man Army and the Undead Quartet Sweden Death/Thrash Metal 12
Cavalera Conspiracy United States Groove/Thrash/Death Metal 11
Soulfly United States Nu-Metal with tribal influences (early), Groove/Thrash/Death Metal (later) 11
Entombed A.D. Sweden Death Metal/Death 'n' Roll 9
Grip Inc. United States Groove Metal 8
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