Name Country Genre Score
Nemesea Netherlands Symphonic Metal (early); Symphonic/Alternative Rock (later) 19
Nightwish Finland Symphonic Power Metal (early); Symphonic Metal (later) 15
Lacuna Coil Italy Gothic Metal/Rock (early); Alternative Rock/Metal (later) 12
Arven Germany Symphonic Metal 11
Stream of Passion Netherlands Progressive/Symphonic Metal 11
Elis Liechtenstein Gothic Metal 9
Seraphim Taiwan Power Metal 9
Amberian Dawn Finland Neoclassical Power Metal, Rock 8
Xandria Germany Symphonic Metal 8
Leaves' Eyes Germany Symphonic Metal 8
Edenbridge Austria Symphonic Power Metal 7
Delain Netherlands Melodic Symphonic Metal 7
Sinergy Finland Power Metal 6
Lullacry Finland Melodic Heavy/Gothic Metal 6
Sirenia Norway Symphonic/Gothic Metal 6
Dawn of Destiny Germany Power Metal 5
Echoes of Eternity United States Progressive Metal 5
Crysalys Italy Symphonic Metal/Metalcore 4
Mortal Love Norway Gothic Metal/Rock 4
Nataly Kruger Colombia Gothic Metal 4
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