Name Country Genre Score
Nile United States Brutal/Technical Death Metal 113
Brain Drill United States Brutal/Technical Death Metal 102
Archspire Canada Technical Death Metal 87
Suffocation United States Brutal/Technical Death Metal 86
Hour of Penance Italy Technical/Brutal Death Metal 86
Decrepit Birth United States Technical Death Metal 84
Cryptopsy Canada Brutal/Technical Death Metal, Deathcore (2008) 74
Necrophagist Germany Technical Death Metal 62
Spawn of Possession Sweden Technical Death Metal 61
Cytotoxin Germany Technical/Brutal Death Metal 54
Hate Eternal United States Death Metal 52
Fleshgod Apocalypse Italy Symphonic/Technical Death Metal 50
Monumental Torment Russia Technical/Brutal Death Metal 41
Unmerciful United States Brutal Death Metal 36
Desecravity Japan Technical Brutal Death Metal 34
Omnihility United States Technical/Brutal Death Metal 34
Internal Suffering Colombia Technical Brutal Death Metal 31
Cephalic Carnage United States Technical Grindcore/Death Metal 30
Decapitated Poland Technical Death Metal (early); Death/Groove Metal (later) 29
Odious Mortem United States Technical Brutal Death Metal 29
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