Name Country Genre Score
Pitchshifter United Kingdom Industrial Metal (early), Industrial Rock/Nu-Metal (later) 75
Fall of Because United Kingdom Experimental Industrial Metal 52
Jesu United Kingdom Drone/Doom Metal/Shoegaze/Post-Rock 50
Neurosis United States Hardcore Punk (early), Progressive Sludge Metal/Post-Hardcore/Tribal/Ambient (later) 47
Fear Factory United States Industrial/Death Metal (early), Groove/Industrial Metal (later) 44
Skin Chamber United States Industrial Metal 41
Blut aus Nord France Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-garde/Black/Industrial Metal/Dark Ambient 34
P.H.O.B.O.S. France Industrial Doom Metal 34
Ministry United States New Wave (early), Industrial/Electronic (mid), Industrial Rock/Metal (later) 33
Dead World United States Industrial/Death Metal 27
Sonic Violence United Kingdom Industrial Metal 24
Gigandhi Denmark Industrial Metal/Post-Metal/Tribal 22
Soulstorm Canada Industrial Death Metal 22
Prong United States Crossover/Thrash Metal (early, later), Groove/Industrial Metal (mid) 19
Spine Wrench United Kingdom Crust Punk/Industrial Metal 17
Fetish 69 Austria Industrial Metal, Industrial/Electronic 17
Fudge Tunnel United Kingdom Sludge/Groove Metal with Alternative/Noise Rock influences 16
Apollyon Sun Switzerland Industrial Metal 14
Halo Australia Industrial Sludge/Doom Metal 12
O.L.D. United States Grindcore (early), Industrial/Avant-garde Metal (later) 10
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